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Elegant Wall Bed (Murphy Style) The "Pendulum"



Our signature wall bed design.

Every part is hand crafted to an exacting standard that is unmatched in those "commercially produced" systems.

Counterweight mechanism with simple moving parts. No electronics, gas pistons (that leak) or noisy springs.

Mattress, bedding or shelves for display only. Not included with the base bed platform.

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Product Details

No other wall bed like it.

The Pendulum refers to the mechanism which causes the system to retract into the wall. A simple mechanism, yet carefully balanced to ensure smooth, easy operation. Every part is hand crafted to an exacting standard that is unmatched in those "commercially produced" systems. Not your average murphy bed, that's for sure!

When you want a quality piece of furniture that you know will last, built the way the Amish would have (but I must confess, I am not Amish).

Price for bed platform, weights and raising mechanism only. *Mattress, shelves, and bedding not included. Pictured example for recommended configuration*

Our wall bed system features the following:

  • Solid wood construction
  • Industrial grade hardware, cables and mounts
  • Custom staining and finishes
  • Custom design or "Theme" (IE: industrial look, "barn door" or rustic, contemporary, or choose your sport)

We aren't looking to sell a lot of really lousy or cheap wall beds to everybody. We want the customer who sees value in quality craftsmanship, elegant furnishings that add value and compliment the room. Our pieces blend in with the home, built-in with the existing architecture and elegance.

We service clients within the Denver metro areas and surrounding cities in Colorado. Although we can and do ship anywhere, we truly prefer to help the customer with the design and build experience with a custom made Pendulum wall bed.

Ready for order. Delivery in 6 to 8 weeks. Why so long?

We build everything to order, as we can't stock all the parts or products in my garage. We will process payment and get started right away. Once it is finished, we will ship to you or deliver directly within the Denver/ Boulder area in Colorado.