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Easy Hammock (8 foot)



The Easy Hammock wall mounted hammock is handy, comfortable and available anytime you want it.

And, you can collapse it against the wall when not in use.

Built with solid wood and steel, it will last for several generations.

Heavy duty lag-eye bolts anchor the base frame to the wall

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Product Details

Coming spring of 2017. Pre-orders open now for a special introductory price!

Have you ever wanted to kick back in a hammock, but don't want to hassle with setting up big, bulky metal frames or drilling ugly hooks into the ceiling?

Now there is the easy hammock! Our system installs against a wall in your home, when collapsed it sits along the wall out of the way for easy storage. When you want to lounge in your hammock, simply pull one side away from the wall into the room. Then remove one end of the hammock from the attached cabinet, and connect it to the support arm. POOF! you now have an EASY hammock! 

When not in use, now you tuck the fabric back into the cabinet, and collapse the support legs back against the wall. Set up or stow away takes only 10 seconds! What can be easier than that!?

Main features include:

  • Easy stow-away cabinet built in to hang the hammock when not in use
  • Heavy duty all-wood and metal construction. Never built from particle board or synthetics* (unless requested, custom order only)
  • Hand-made construction by expert artisan woodworkers
  • built to last
  • nothing else like it anywhere (that we know of...)

A hammock indoors? Why not?!

To our knowledge, there isn't anything available like it anywhere. Sure there are hammock stands, this is nothing new. But one built like this, inside your house, made for convenience? We think its really cool. So cool in fact, that every one of us (all 3) have one or more in our own homes.

We soon will be offering a DIY- build kit and shipping to anywhere in the world. Please check back often or contact us for details!