Counterweight standing desk



Ergonomic convertible standing desk easily raises or lowers with the perfect counterweight balance

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Product Details

Counterweight Standing/ sitting desk


In recent years, studies have proven that sitting all day long at your desk is bad for your health. Similar studies have proven that standing while working at your desk greatly improves productivity and comfort. Which you probably know this already, thus is why you are viewing this item online right now.

The Desk

Sometimes we engineer and build our own stuff (most of it actually). Other times, once in a while we find a design out there which makes us realize they did it better. Well in this case, they were off to a good start. So we bought the plans, and made some of our own modifications. Primarily, we enclosed the adjusting mechanisms for safety reasons. We have small kits around, and we were trying to avoid having them pinch little fingers if at all possible. We also felt that having the desk stop at various positions would be more helpful.

Features and Function

Easy to operate with one hand
Counterweights are adjustable to allow for perfect balance so you can dial it in to your own liking.
Lift/lower with ease. (much like our pendulum bed system)