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From humble beginnings to a, humble present

Started out in my garage while just building a few things to make life easier in our own home. We couldn't afford much other than the cheap, lousy stuff you find at big box/ discount stores made out of particle board. You know the kind; the stuff that looks nice the day you assemble it but if you bump it the wrong way it pulls the screws out of the wood and it collapses. The way I see it, you're spending more money throwing it away on that garbage and having to replace it every year. So I figured since I know how to build things, and have a good starting set of tools; I might as well invest in some quality wood and build things myself.

I wanted solid built stuff, something unique, simple/ traditional but with a modern flare. But then, I started thinking of other things; that I couldn't find anywhere.

From visiting Mexico many years ago, and since then I've been to a few places that have hammocks on the patio or in a pool area. They are so cool! I love hammocks! So at one point I thought of buying/ or building one for the house and I discovered; having a hammock is kind of a pain unless you have some good trees or a space to set up the stand. Further; I never really cared for the stands that are available. I went to see a few of them and one thing is the most common on all of them; they have such a huge base that you will ALWAYS stub your feet on! That's no good!

Tech Furnishings is all about building the kind of things for your home that most other furniture manufacturers may think of as "too risky". They all compete for your business to sell couches, chairs, regular dining sets, or all of the usual stuff. We aim to provide furniture pieces that they don't offer, haven't thought of or wouldn't consider building. If you don't see something here, send us your idea. We'll probably build it for you CUSTOM! This is why we offer a unique hammock stand, that fits nicely in your home living room, office, bed room, or basically anywhere you want with the wall space that is free to mount it against. And our wall bed system is that of something fresh from the dark ages. Made out of solid wood, high tensile strength wire rope, heavy-duty industrial strength pulleys and hardware, we build our stuff to last!

Tech Furnishings is a new company that formed out of the necessity of building unique, high quality furniture with more modern functionality. Traditionally, furniture has been built "the same" for hundreds of years. Over time the styles, fabrics, and colors will change claiming to be "all new"! But for the most part, they all work the same. A bed it just a bed. A table is just a table. But not here, we are pushing the definitions of what it means to be a new, innovative piece of furniture.
Not only that, we are sick and tired of the millions of pieces out there made of lousy particle board and weak materials. They fall apart and go in the trash. Well not here, we build our stuff out of solid wood and heavy metals! Sourced right from suppliers in the USA, and built in my garage. For larger orders, we have access to a commercial shop to manufacture to scale, but honestly we do not sell enough to build there full time.

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