Terms and conditions of use

Tech Furnishings Terms and Conditions

As mentioned in our Legal stuff page, we feel like its worth noting here as well that our website is provided for information and a base platform for sales of our products. Some items may be listed as FREE (usually downloadable content) and will be noted specifically on those items.

Use of this website is without WARRANTY (on the website itself) the products you may purchase will have other warranty conditions as specified. We are not responsible for any computer failure or virus you may have loaded as a result of using our website. We will be sure to do our best at not allowing for this to be brought to our site in the first place, but with the way the internet works this may not always be possible.

When making any purchase with us, please note that we will require some form of contact information (email address or phone number and a name at the minimum) as a means of communication for completing the transaction. Our products are hand-built and may take a while to complete. At the point of purchase, we will collect payment immediately. Upon receiving payment, we may reach out and call right away (within 24-48 hours on business days) to ensure we have an understanding of what you wish to buy. Things like measurements, colors, finishes, or other important details may be necessary in order to complete the project.

If our timeline happens to run long, we will let you know. Sometimes the conditions for building things out of wood can cause some delays, or require some changes due to the build process and thus causing some delays.

We hope to provide you with a product that you love and will cherish for many years to come. We are a simple, basic company with traditional values. We will never refuse any business due to race, religion, gender, or other "hot topic" phobias that seem to be a plague in American society today. If you wish to buy from us and have good ol' American money we will take it and engage in business. If it is something we just can't simply figure out how to make or get the parts for, we may have to refund your money or turn down the project.

And as always, if we left you unsure about our policies in any of our pages on this website just give us a call and ask. We're pretty easy going.