Legal Stuff

Terms of Use

At Tech Furnishings, we are a VERY small company. We provide our website for information purposes, to convey information about our products that we offer and ideas that we can share. Our website does have a membership section which gives our users the ability to place orders and keep track of them for convenience. Our website DOES NOT ask for, nor store any personal financial information so not to worry, we can't be hacked in order to gain your bank or credit info.

Payment and financial information

We basically are so small we can stick with only using PayPal for receiving payments for our products. This helps in a lot of ways; mainly for the sake of US not having anything to do with YOUR personal payment info. With PayPal, all transactions are secure via PayPal and their interface, thus removing us from ever knowing what your financial credentials are. Therefor, if we didn't capture any credit card or debit data, we can't have it anywhere in our possession in order for it to be taken advantage of. Don't get me wrong, we do like being paid for our products. But that exchange is handled by PayPal and their secure teams of highly trained, internet security gurus. PayPal is trusted, and its been around a long time. They handle the moneys, pay it to us and we will send your stuff. Simple as that.

Privacy (your privacy, on our site)

We will never use or misuse any customers personal information, nor will we sell it to any third party. Or 4th party, or any party. We may only use it to contact those customers to invite them to a party, if it happens to relate to our products. and should you opt to receive that notice from us. Or send newsletters, which may happen once in a while. Our newsletters will often contain information about special offers, events (like trade shows) or new products. That's about it.


We utilize and leverage many tools for business and the internet, to include ideas and images found all over. We always aim to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes we may make a mistake. The utilization of free software such as GIMP for image editing and Blender for mock-up model scenes is sometimes common practice for us. Thus, our images fall under the GNU open license terms of use. Although we use these 3D models for our work; we never display an image of our product which we can not build for real. Some of the plans or ideas on our store were found and gathered from other sources on the web such as Pinterest, Instructables, or even 3D model source websites. We find that they are "buildable" and we have customers who will buy them, so there is no reason not to build it. If we use an idea from another source other than our own design, we will credit the source and provide reference links to that source if at all possible.

If you see something that we may have taken without permission or proper rights to build them; please let us know and we can work it out. We will never knowingly "steal" any licensed art or designs, so just be cool and reach out if you feel that something isn't right.

If you happened to read all of this, thank you for your time and attention. And you're probably interested enough in us to have read this far, so please leave some comments on our facebook page, or buy something to support us!