• Shop Hammock stands

    Indoor Hammocks from Tech Furnishings

    Now a simple, elegant solution to hanging a hammock inside the house!

  • Not your ordinary tables...

    Not your ordinary tables

    Avoid blocking the wall outlets. Even more, make the outlet controllable from your smart device

  • Modified version of a counterweight desk avaialble elsewhere...

    Desk by Tech Furnishings

    We found some nice options out there and made some adjustments of our own. Now you can have this desk delivered to your home!

  • The wall-bed system fit for a King

    Weight Balanced Wall Beds

    Not your ordinary wall bed. See how ours compares

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Short Story

We started in a garage

We like to compare to the greats that started here such as Apple, HP or Mile Hi Distilling (I happen to know them personally at Mile Hi) Either way we wish to bring this to a similar level by believing in ourselves, the purpose, and getting it out there. For more, please see the About Us page...

The Fine Details

Tech Furnishings Furniture and Implements

We are only in our beginnings but taking off quite well. When you order from us, we accept payment right away as to have the means to begin production on your purchase right away. Since everything is built to order, and hand-crafted; we ask that you allow about 8 to 10 weeks to complete your order. Once we reach about 50 orders (not all at once of course) we figured we should have enough revenue to scale up to our commercial shop. We do have connections and great resources to allow for substantial growth should it take off rapidly. (Which by the way, looks a lot like we're headed in that direction!)

Why not Kickstarter, or some other crowd funding?

Believe me, this is a thought in my mind every single day. To be forefront and honest about it, I have a few reasons. One, it could potentially be a lot more money and orders way too soon. Call this a "pre-launch" phase so-to-speak. We are confident that this will do well, as it already is. We have a few items built, some engineering kinks to sort out but nothing we can't handle. I have the unique ability right now to work on this full-time and handle most issues myself. Once we are ready, we believe we will "kickstart" naturally and grow slow, and steady. If we get too far out on lead times or take a blast of orders too soon, we will absolutely crowdfund and get more support.

This project (creation of a new furniture company) is moving along quite well and being well received. We want to thank our friends and family, colleagues and everyone involved who believes in us and our products.

This is not a long time, established company. We are just starting out, self-promoting, self-funding and acquiring partnerships. Sure we are primarily based in my garage and fulfilling orders. Yet we do have a path in place to scale, so you can rest easy ordering from us.